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Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving

Today, more than ever, organizations are faced with the demands of providing quality products and services at a rapid rate. Competition doesn't allow for manufacturing downtime or repeat customer failures. Organizations are often forced to use a band-aid approach to "fix" problem quickly only to find the problem reoccurring. This reactive mode of problem solving uses up valuable time and resources that could be better spent identifying a long-term solution. Root Cause Analysis will allow you to identify the root cause of a problem and plan a long-term solution. By definition, Root Cause Analysis is the process of identifying the fundamental cause of a problem. You will learn how to flow through a problem-solving model, use problem solving tools to identify root causes, determine the appropriate action(s) to eliminate the cause, verify the effectiveness of the action taken and finally, how to ensure that improvements are built into the system. 

Why Use a Problem Solving Process? 

  • To determine the true root causes of issues that are minimizing the profitability and customer satisfaction of your organization 
  • To equip quality improvement and problem-solving teams with the tools they will need to be successful in their charter 
  • To optimize the benefits from your Quality Management System’s corrective action process 


Omni Tech's Training and Consulting Services

Training Course

Omni Tech offers a two-day training seminar for quality improvement team leaders and members, management, engineers and any other personnel with an interest in uncovering root causes of serious or repetitive problems and taking action to eliminate them. Course content and exercises for on-site classes can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Consulting Services

Omni Tech can provide experienced professionals to facilitate your team through its problem-solving process. Our associates have successfully applied this methodology in numerous industries throughout the country